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As you might have read on our manifesto, our mission is to promote creativity and creative people. We believe that creativity is one of the greatest qualities any of us can be blessed with, but society doesn’t allow creativity to be expressed. Society doesn’t want us to think for ourselves, they want us to do what they’re telling us to do rather than creating our own ideas. The world needs people who can think for themselves. We believe that those with the ability to think outside of the box will lead the future and innovate. Barbara Januszkiewicz once said “Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change”. We want to inspire change.

To achieve our goal we need more people to join our team. We’re looking for creative bloggers that can help us with their content and their ideas. We also accept submissions from “seasoned” writers, photographers, and artists. Our main categories fall into fashion, art , design, creative people, and life articles.

If you’re interested in joining our growing team and helping us inspire change then send us an email at