Creative Monday is an ‘Alternative Magazine’ with a clear mission.


Mission Statement

Creative Monday’s mission is to promote creativity and creative people. We believe that creativity is one of the greatest qualities any of us can be blessed with, but society doesn’t allow creativity to be expressed. Society doesn’t want us to think for ourselves, they want us to do what they’re telling us to do rather than creating our own ideas. The world needs people who can think for themselves. We believe that those with the ability to think outside of the box will lead the future and innovate. Barbara Januszkiewicz once said “Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change”. We want to inspire change.


Our goal is to feature fashion designers, artists, creative thinkers and innovators. Also, we want to address social problems and inspire a sense of culture and artistic engagement. Moreover, we want to create a big community and extend the creative culture that has arisen from the Creative Monday community into the larger world.


Our vision is to motivate people to walk in the light of creativity and lead the future with innovative ideas. We want people to create, not just consume. We want to change our consumption-based society, to an expressive creative-based society.
P.S. We aggregate posts from creative blogs such as the Colossal, Bored Panda, Hunger TV, etc.